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Who We Are

We are the Student Ministry of Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN.
We exist as a ministry for students from 6th-12th grade.
We know that everybody lives for something.
Whatever we find to be most important is what we think is most relevant in life.
The thoughts we have, the choices we make, the relationships we’re in, they’re all determined by what we live for.


Many ideas compete for students’ attention and affection,
but we know and believe that Jesus Christ is the One person who is relevant yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


Relevant exists to help students live for what matters most,

for Real Life, which is a relationship with Jesus. 

What We Believe

About Scripture / We believe that the whole Bible is the inspired Word of God, written under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the Bible is true, reliable, and authoritative. The Bible is the primary source for our knowledge about God and humanity.

About God / We believe in the Trinity, that there is one God who eternally exists in three distinct persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God the Son is Jesus Christ, who was born of a virgin and became a man. Since conception, He has been fully God and fully man and will remain so forever.

About People / We believe that men and women were perfectly created by God to experience rich life in relationship with Him, and obey His commands. However, all people have rebelled and fallen short of God’s intention. Therefore, men and women are all spiritually dead, subject to God’s judgment, and incapable of saving themselves.

About Salvation / We believe that Jesus lived a perfect life and did everything we were supposed to do. Then, in obedience to the Father, He died on the cross in our place to pay the penalty for sin. Three days later He rose from the dead through the Holy Spirit’s power. We are saved, forgiven, and restored to the life God intended us by grace through faith in Jesus.

About the Church / We believe that the Church is the body of Christ in the world today. Its members are those who have trusted in Jesus for salvation, and who are indwelled by the Holy Spirit. The local church is God’s primary vehicle in the world today for accomplishing His mission to forgive and restore, which will be ultimately accomplished when Jesus returns to the earth to fully establish God’s Kingdom.

What We Value

Taking God Seriously 

God deserves our utmost respect. When we gather in our ministry we want to be in a posture of reverent expectation for what God might do or say. We never want students to miss what God has for them because we weren’t paying attention.

Extending Grace

Everyone fails to take God seriously enough at times, and consequently everyone lives for things besides God. However, God so desires a relationship with us that He extended grace by sending Jesus to earth. We want to create a place where everyone is accepted and given an opportunity to encounter God’s grace. We can’t make students fall in love with Jesus… all we can do is set up dates.

Connecting to Mentors

One of the best ways for students to grow in their relationship with Jesus is to have godly voices speaking into their life. We put a lot of energy into helping students connect with a small group leader who can help them navigate life. As we grow in godly relationships, we grow in our relationship with God.

Making a Difference

Christians are supposed to be influencers. We want to help students be a force for good in whatever arena they find themselves. We never want to meet on a Wednesday and it not change the way we live every other day. We want to create moments that lead to movement. We gather to go.

What to Expect

In Large Group, we use games, videos, songs, and a message to help students meet with God and know Him better. We start the night with a light hearted and fun time that we call hosting time. Following host time we go into a worship and praise time that is led by our student band. Following this time we have a time of guided prayer called “Focus Time” to help students to focus on God and what His message will be teaching us that night. Lastly, we have a message delivered by an experienced adult pastor. This large group time will last about an hour. Immediately following Large Group, students will move into Small Group.
In Small Group, students will discuss how to apply the message they heard in Large Group. By connecting with spiritual friends and an adult mentor, students will be able to process questions and thoughts they have about anything going on in their life. The goal is for students to identify a next step in their walk with Jesus. Our simple goal on Wednesday nights is that students would learn something about God that changes how they live.

In Large Group, we teach. In Small Group, we apply.

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One of the most important things we do at Relevant is small group.
This is a time not only for growth and fun, but for relationships. 

Every Wednesday we make sure to cultivate 
and make time for
relationships in a time of small group.


Make sure to register for group now
to begin your small group experience this Wednesday!


Meet our Staff & Leaders


We could not reach so many students without our incredible leaders. Our staff and small group leaders exist to connect, relate, and lead students in their relationship with Jesus! Each week our leaders work to obediently serve our Savior by helping students discover what matters most, Real Life.


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