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Welcome to Relevant

Who We Are

We are the Student Ministry of Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN. We exist as a ministry for students from 6th-12th grade. We know that everybody lives for something. Whatever we find to be most important is what we think is most relevant in life. The thoughts we have, the choices we make, the relationships we’re in, they’re all determined by what we live for.

Many ideas compete for students’ attention and affection, but we know and believe that Jesus Christ is the One person who is relevant yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Relevant exists to help students live for what matters most, for Real Life, which is a relationship with Jesus. 

Current Series

Tell Me More

We all have questions We all have things that plague us and keep us up at night with wonder. Questions like…“Are eyebrows considered facial hair?”, “At movie theaters, which arm rest is yours?”, “If God sneezes, what should you say?” But often we have a few more serious questions. Questions like…can I be mad at God?


Well we’re here to help. We’re here to tell you more about the tough questions that are meant to help us grow closer to our Savior. We’re here to tell you more about the things that seem really confusing about our relationship with God. But in order to help you, we need you to help us! We want to answer your questions, so take a second and send us your questions below. (Don’t worry. They’re anonymous.)

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Charlie Brown Thanksgiving- November 15th
6-7:30PM for Middle School
7:30-9PM for High School


A night for celebrating thankfulness with small groups, food, and fun.


UNITED- December 6th
Middle and High School at 7


Our final gathering of 2017 where we unite together to worship together, grow together, and be the change together. Bring a friend, and get ready to celebrate!


A Student Worship Gathering
for Middle School and High School Students 

December 6th 7-8:30PM


Take Your Relationship with Jesus Deeper

Daily Devotional

Baptism- December 3rd