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Movies are an amazing means of storytelling. They have a way of taking us from our normal lives, and typical routine, and transporting us to new and exciting places. Movies also have a way of teaching us things we never could on our own. So what if we looked to movies, as a way of growing us in life, in relationships, and with God?

Jesus understood the power of storytelling, and used stories, known as parables, to teach the people around Him. God still uses modern means of storytelling, like the movies, to teach us incredible truths about life, and living. During the month of January we will be looking at 5 movies and unpacking what biblical truth God wants us to learn from our modern day parables, the movies.

The Big Picture: Week 1- Sacrifice January 3rd, 2018
Van Riggins

The Big Picture: Week 2- Judge Not January 10th, 2018
Van Riggins