There are things we do. Things that we decide to do one day and then we do again, and again, and again. They’re the things we repeat and go to on a weekly or daily basis. They start small, but over time become bigger and more important in our lives. These are the things we do without realizing it.
They are our habits. 

We all have habits, and they don’t seem like a big deal until we realize that our habits are either good for us or bad for us. Our habits can be bad for us and our relationships. Our bad habits can specifically be hindering our relationship with God and His people. But what are they? And how do we begin to shift from our daily bad habits toward something better? How do we begin to create and focus on the habits that lead to a life focused on God and the good He has for us. How do we begin to live out…
Holy Habits.


Holy Habits- week 1


Van Riggins


Holy Habits Week 2


Van Riggins


Holy Habits Week 3


Van Riggins

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