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Draw Close
Daily Devotional


Draw Close is a vital time for us each day. Through our time of worship, biblical study, journaling, and prayer we can begin to Draw Closer to God. Specifically we begin to invite Jesus into our lives, into our days. When we Draw Close we welcome God in, and we begin to live more for Him. 


Through our time of drawing closer to God grow from Him,
lean on Him, invite Him in.



Worship is our way of transforming our hearts toward what is deserving of our worship, Jesus. 

Start your Draw Close time with worship. Take time to sing, listen, pray, or simply sit in the presence of God, through the songs we played this past Wednesday. 



We grow from our time in the Word. One of God’s greatest blessings, and gifts, to us is His Word. Scripture not only brings us closer to our understand of Him and our world, but closer to God. Take time to read 1 passage a day.


Thursday- Ephesians 5:1-21

Friday- Ephesians 5:1-2

Saturday- Galatians 3:28

Sunday- Jeremiah 29:11

Monday- 1 Timothy 4:12

Tuesday- 2 Timothy 4:7

Wednesday- Psalm 150:1-6



We grow spiritually when we intentionally take steps to grow intentionally. One of the best ways to become more and more like Jesus, is to answer honest questions about ourselves. When we know how we feel, how we fall short, and where God is calling us to grow we can begin to take steps toward growth. Take a second to journal a question, and answer honestly each day.

Thursday- What is something that stands out to you from this passage? Why?


Friday- Why is it important that God is our ultimate example? What does it mean to make Him our ultimate example?

Saturday- When do you feel like you don’t belong? What do you think of today’s passage that points to the truth that we all belong?

Sunday- When was the last time you questioned God’s plan? Why? What changes when you know He has a plan for good for our lives, not bad?

Monday- How do we let our age keep us from leading others? How does today’s passage change how you view age?

Tuesday- You are done or just one day away from being done. Today’s passage shows us how we should feel when we finish something. Proud, accomplished. Why do you think these feelings are important when we finish something?

Wednesday- Today’s passage is a passage of celebration. What do you have to celebrate God for today?



Take a few minutes each day to pray.


Start by thanking God for a real life. Thank Jesus for a life that is greater than any life we can attempt on our own. Ask Him to help us pursue the life that matters most, in Him. Also ask Him to help us hear from the voices of those around us, and to be willing to share our story of real life with others.