There’s a relationship we all have…that to be honest we don’t always understand. It’s great at times, but sometimes…it can be one of the most aggravating relationships we have. That’s right…our family. Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, our weird uncle, our smelly aunt, our awkward cousin. They all make up one of the strangest, most annoying, embarrassing relationships we will ever have, but we have this relationship for a reason. Get ready to pluck from the family tree to figure out the purpose for…Family Ties.
Listen to: Week 1- Bloodline

Family Ties: Week 1- Bloodline April 4th, 2018
Van Riggins

Listen to: Week 2- The Parent Trap

Family Ties: Week 2- The Parent Trap April 11th, 2018
Van Riggins

Listen to: Week 3- Sibling Rivalry

Family Ties: Week 3- Sibling Rivalry April 18th, 2018
Van Riggins

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