Why Baptism?

Baptism is a symbol, just like a trophy is the symbol of victory in a sport or competition, or how the letter “A” on a test signifies academic excellence. Where baptism is different is that it is a symbol, a sign, that Christ followers participate in to show the world that they are saved. Baptism is the way we show our family, friends, and the world that we have asked Jesus into our hearts, and have been saved by Him.

The reason baptism involves water is because water is a symbol of being cleansed. When one is dirty they must simply wash in water to be made clean. The same is true of us spiritually. Without Jesus we are “dirty” in our sins, in need of being washed clean, and made new. In baptism we are placed under water as a demonstration of dying to our sins, and we are raised back up “clean” in new life with Jesus.

In no way does baptism save us. It is a symbolic outward act of showing the world what Jesus has already done within us internally through salvation. When we are baptized we show we are made new and free in Jesus. 


Take Your Next Step

Baptism is an important symbol of the new life that God gives to us through Jesus. It reminds us that without Jesus we are dead in our sins, and need to be resurrected. It also is a reminder that we are called to join God’s family and share in the life that He gives through the Church. Baptism is our next step following salvation, and a celebration of our new life!

Our next baptism is: May 23rd