Leader Day

June 16th

After over a year of planning camp High School Camp 2018 began…for our leaders. Today was a full day of loading a 18ft. truck, driving to Brandon Springs, unloading, setting up the camp, cabins, and settling our leaders in for an incredible week of camp. Our small group leaders and support staff pulled in at 6PM got settled and began their first round of trainings at 7PM!

Day 1

June 17th

Our leaders woke up this morning ready for the campers to arrive this morning! We started off the day with breakfast and finishing up some last minute touches to camp! After we were done with that, our Media Team instructed us in our leader video. At 10:45, we tuned into Grace’s online stream to get our hearts ready for whatever this week may bring us. We just finished lunch and now we are patiently waiting for our students to get here. WE CAN’T WAIT!

As soon as our students got here, they jumped off the bus and headed straight for the gathering room so we could give them the breakdown of camp. After unpacking what the week was gonna look like and going over the rules, students got settled in their cabins. Before dinner, students had some free time to walk around camp or play some games. After dinner, students went to quiet time before Van began our session about faith. Following the session, students met with their leaders for their first small group of the week. By 10 pm, the band and staff had been setting up a nacho bar and a fun late night for our campers. Our late night theme tonight was “Scare Factor” followed by a classic game of Capture the Tom!

Students were pretty exhausted after day 1/2 so they headed to bed to get rested up for one of our favorite days happening tomorrow, BALL DAY!

Session 1 bottom line: Faith begins in our hearts, and works throughout our lives.

Day 2

June 18th

After what we hope was a good night’s rest, we had our first breakfast of camp. After that, students started their morning off with a quiet time huddle before Katie unpacked session two about trusting God.

Session 2 bottom line: We can trust God because we have seen him in action.

After lunch, we had our first devotional of the week. During this time, we gathered near the lake and were led in acoustic worship with one of our own students sharing their testimony. With one student sharing their testimony, other students felt as if they should share their own. This is one of our favorite parts of the week.

We had a blast at REC today! Our awesome Rec team has been working hard now and before camp to make the games of the week the best. All 10 teams got the opportunity to battle eachother in kickball, 9 square in the air, Gaga, 4 square and Gotcha! It was a very hot day, but after ball day we were able to hit the slopes on our foam slip n slide!

Everyone had a chance to shower or take a nap by the lake during during down time before dinner.

Van ended day 2 by talking about community, our relationships with others and how to ask God pursue good relationships.

Session 3 bottom line: Jesus is always working on my relationships.

Around 10:00, we had a popcorn bar to kick off a camp classic, Game Show Night! Students were able to compete with members of their small group to play Password, Are You Smarter than Austin Wilson, and Wheel of Misfortune. We wanted to tire out the kids, so before lights out we had a 15 minute dance party 🙂

Day 3

June 19th


It has been a hot day! As soon as we woke up this morning, the sun had already come out to play. Everyday before we go to gathering, we go into a time of quiet time, a time where we are able to stop and focus our hearts on God very early in the day.

Katie opened up our 4th session teaching us about prayer- the struggles and joy that comes along with it.

Session 4 bottom line: God is answering my prayers.

Our devotional today was also really special. After hearing testimonies from their own peers, students were so brave and so many of them shared their testimonies. This is such a special time that we enjoy at High School Camp and it is really one of the key moments that truly makes this the best week ever.

After devo, students headed to their cabins to get ready for a cooling day of Rec. That’s right, today was WATER DAY! Being one of the hottest days, students played games like water kickball, water balloon pass and even canoe races. During down time, students went canoeing, to the pool and got on our personal favorite- the foam slip n slide!

Tonight Van is leading us in a time of learning about forgiveness. Teaching us how to forgive and free ourselves from the past. It’s so hard to look at forgiveness, when you’re looking through the lens of your pain.

Session 5 bottom line: Jesus is making me new.

To go along with water night, we are going to end the night with a glow in the dark pool party- DJ’ed by our very own, DJ Dingy!

Day 4

June 20th

Katie opened up our hearts this morning talking us through the act of patience. We learned to pray for God to reveal to us how He has shown up during times on waiting in our lives. These are times that we need to thank Him for.

Session 6 bottom line: Patience is waiting in expectation.

Today was our last day of devotional. We had several students and leaders who stood up to share their testimonies and ways that they have seen God this week. This has been such an intentional time that we have spent together this week where we have shared some pretty incredible stories.

Today was the day that we look forward to the most- COLOR WARS! This is a day where students get super messy with all different kinds of colors. Each team tried to defend their paint stick in a vicious game of capture the flag! As they were playing, the Rec team was throwing paint all over the field. To wash off, everyone jumped into the lake before we went into a time of baptism.

Today, we had the opportunity to baptize 6 students. This is such a special time as their small group and friends gather around the lake to watch them publicly profess their faith.

During down time, students took out the canoes, got in the pool and went on the slide for the last time this week. This was also a great time for students to practice for our annual HSC Lip Syncs! This year, we chose the theme of musicals so groups chose songs from Hamilton, The Lion King, Phantom, etc.

Van is finishing up day 4 by digging into obedience. The focus verse was John 2:1-10.

Session 7 bottom line: My best life is in following Jesus.

We are so sad that tonight is our last night, but we are so excited for the rest of our time together!