We say it all the time, but it’s the truth, we couldn’t do it without you. Our small group leaders at Relevant bring the relational aspect to our student ministry. When relationships are built with Christ-centered leaders, then bridges are built and grow to help students begin, and grow, a relationship with Jesus. This is what we believe, this is what we know, about how important our small group leaders are. Because of how important this role is we want to make sure we are setting you, our small group leaders, up for success.

This page exists to help train, communicate,
and grow you, so you can grow your students.

Dates to Know


United- October 4th, December 6th, February 7th, and May 23rd from 7PM-8:30PM 

Fall Break (No Relevant)- October 11th

Thanksgiving Break (No Relevant)- November 22nd

Christmas Break (No Relevant)- December 13- January 3rd 

Merge Winter Retreat-  March 16-18th 2853 Dunlop Ln. Clarksville, TN

Spring Break (No Relevant)- March 28th

Summer Break (No Relevant)- Starts May 30th

High School Camp 18- June 17-21st at 336 Brandon Spring Rd, Dover, TN 37058

Middle School Camp 18- July 8-12th at 975 Hillmont Camp Rd, White Bluff, TN 37187

6th Grade Boot Camp 18- August 3-4th at 2853 Dunlop Ln. Clarksville, TN 37043

Girl’s Group Resources

Devotional Resources


She Reads Truth This is a great resource for High School girls that are looking to grow in their devotional and spiritual life. This is also good for Middle School girls, but typically it is a little more mature, which makes it stronger for 8th-12th grade girls. It gives a daily scripture reading and blog post that correlates. The site is based on the book of the same name by Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams The site also has news, music, a shop, and past plans.


Leadership Resources


LifeWay Girls– This is a site full of blogs on leadership, group development, and student connection. This site is strong for both Middle School and High School girl leaders. I definitely recommend this as a site to check out and read through about once a week.

Full-Time Girl Blog– This is just a blog. Nothing fancy about it, but the author Lauren DeMoss makes it a blog worth checking out. She writes on powerful topics like marriage, being single, the church, and so much more. Her posts are great for leaders, but I would recommend looking over her posts and occasionally sending some of the posts, that are appropriate to your group, to your group for them to be able to grow from.

The Perch– Another great blog, but this site is designed specifically for you, girls leaders. The site is full of encouraging posts, resources, and devotional ideas for your groups. I recommend pouring over this site each week.

Life with CBev– This is a great site with resources, ideas, and a blog made for small group leaders of girls by Christina Beverage. This is a great site to check out every few weeks, and maybe even share with groups.

Guy’s Group Resources

Leadership Resources


Fervr– This site is good for both sexes of students and leaders, but it has more of a guy appeal. This is a strong site for leaders to look through and find posts/resources to point toward their guys groups. It has resources, leadership development posts, bible studies, student growth posts, and much more.

Youth Ministry– Again this is a site for both sexes. The page is full of strong blogs that specifically focus on helping leaders grow as small group leaders. There may be an occasional post to be able to share with students too!