Leader Day

Middle School Camp 2018 started today for our leaders!  We gathered together at Grace to pray and prepare our hearts for camp this week, and then made our way to Hillmont.  Once we arrived and had dinner, we began to set up the cabins for our students.  After that, we met to go over what would be happening for the next few days and what our students would be learning about.  The series for Middle School camp is called, “Friend of Sinners” and is about how Jesus was a friend to all and that we should be as well.  After we prayed for camp, we ended the night with an awesome gaga ball game!

Day 1

This morning our leaders woke up ready to go!  After breakfast, we all went down to the gathering center and worshiped along to some Elevation Worship songs.  Then we split into prayer groups to pray for each other and what we wanted to see for the middle schoolers this week at camp.  After that, the staff worked on a fun lip synch video for the kids to watch when they arrive.  Our leaders have just finished up lunch, and are preparing a few more things before our students arrive at 3:30!

The students have finally arrived and they are SO EXCITED!  As soon as they got off the bus, they headed to the worship center to hear about what this week has in store.  They learned all the rules and were introduced to the staff. Then they took a tour of camp and then went to their cabins.  After that they had dinner and some time to hang out with their friends.  At 7:00 the students did quiet time, which is a time for them to prepare their hearts for the message.  At 7:30 the evening gathering began.  Van spoke about how Jesus seeks us out wherever we are in our lives, and to find our hope in that truth.  The students then went into small group to discuss the message.  At 10:30 late night began!  We played gaga lots of fun games and ended the night with a gaga ball competition!

Day 2

Our Campers are up and ready to go this morning as they head to breakfast!  We opened the day up with some worship and a message from Katie about the parables of the lost.  The students went into small group to further uncover the truth that Jesus actively seeks us when we are lost.  After lunch, the students went back to their cabins to get ready for REC.  Today was ball day and we played dodgeball, four square, gaga ball, gotcha, and volleyball.  Now the campers are heading to their spiritual tracks to learn more about their relationship with Jesus.

After down time, we all gathered for dinner and then went into quiet time.  At the gathering Amanda taught us about passion, and how Jesus pursues us passionately.  We ended with some worship and went right into small group.  Late Night began at 10:00 and was holiday themed!  We celebrated all of our favorite holidays early with some games.  To finish the night we all joined in for and epic our square tournament!

Day 3

Our campers woke up today to sausage and pancakes for breakfast!  After that delicious meal, they headed to quiet time to prepare their hearts for the message.  Today Austin spoke about how Jesus doesn’t judge us, and that he is willing to help us make our hearts clean.  The campers are now heading to small group to unpack what it means to let Jesus help us handle our sin.

After lunch, water day began!  We played all kinds of water games including water balloon toss, slip and slide kick ball, and water ballon dodgeball.  The kids enjoyed their down time by going to the pool and buying things from the snack shack.  Before gathering, the students went into quiet time to talk to God about their friendships.  Katie spoke to us about how to love our friends like Jesus loves us.  Her bottom line was to love our friends well, we have to be plotting for their good.  After small group, late night began.  The theme tonight was a Hawaiian Luau.  We danced along to some island music and played a game of gotcha in the gym before bed.

Day 4

It’s the last full day of camp and we started off the day with some eggs and bacon!  At 9:30 the morning gathering began, and Austin talked to the students about how Jesus meets them where they are, and that being a christian is more than just following rules.  Then they went to small group to discuss how to grow their relationship with Jesus.

REC started at 1:00 and today was COLOR WARS!  The campers played lots of different games with paint and took some awesome pictures!  After the games were over, they were washed off and sent to take a shower before their spiritual tracks.

That night after down time and dinner, the last gathering started.  Van spoke to the students about how to seek Jesus with all of their hearts.  After small group, late night started, and tonight was lip synch night!  Each group picked a decade and a song from that decade.  The orange girls team won!

Day 5

The campers were barely awake for breakfast this morning, but after eating they were wide awake!  This morning we had baptisms before the service.  Four students took the next step of baptism and accepted Jesus into their hearts!