The clock is counting down. The days are getting warmer. The workload is getting lighter. That can mean only one thing, sweet sweet summer. Summer is such an exciting time, but it’s also a time of change. It’s a time of new routines, new schedules, new temptations into old sinful habits.
Before we run into our summer of freedom let’s spend some time looking at how to begin living free this summer. Let’s look at what Jesus teaches us about giving certain things up, to take on bigger and better things. So hold up, let’s slow down, because we’re not finished yet, we have one more thing to look at this semester.
Listen to: Week 1- Religion vs. Relationship

Not So Fast: Week 1- Religion vs. Relationship May 2nd, 2018
Katie Winer

Listen to: Week 2- Limit Your Freedom

Not So Fast: Week 2- Limit Your Freedom May 9th, 2018
Van Riggins

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