We know that being a parent is a wild adventure. It is fun, but challenging to say the least. We know that parents have the greatest potential to make a difference in a student’s life. It’s our desire to help you maximize that influence. We are here to help you stay up to date with what we’re talking about with your students at Relevant, through a monthly parenting class, and an incredible Rites of Passage experience for your student.

We want to give you the opportunity to speak into your student’s life with a consistent message, a message of love and growth.

Dates to Know


United- February 8th 7PM 

Merge Retreat- March 17-19th in Clarksville, TN

Relevant On Spring Break-  March 27-31st

United- April 12th 7PM

Last Regular Service Relevant- May 17th

United- May 31st 7PM

High School Camp- June 18-22nd at Brandon Springs

Next Camp (Middle School Camp)- July 9-13th at Hillmont Camp

Listen to Messages


We want to invite you to check out our weekly messages. We want to give you the opportunity to hear what your student is being taught each week. Take time to connect with your student this week about what they heard Wednesday night.


Engage is our monthly teaching tool for parents. Engage comes with a short video training and a brief instructional lesson. Each lesson focuses on unique, but important lessons for you as you navigate parenting your Middle School and High School students.

Rites of Passage


We know there are things that you really want to make sure your teen “gets” before they head off to college. The problem is, talking with your teen about important truths can feel awkward at times. Rather than waiting for your teen to awkwardly approach you about difficult subjects, what if you were intentional about making it happen on the front end?

We are inviting you to block out time for a Rites of Passage Experience (ROPE) with your teen. We believe this will help you build your relationship with your teen and also provide you an opportunity to share with your teen what you wish someone had shared with you. These experiences tackle difficult subjects in a practical way you can actually handle.

Click on the button below for each grade specific ROPE.