We are complex creatures. We have very different lives from everyone else. Our stories are different and constantly changing. But one of the hardest things about us is dealing with our emotions. Our feelings are real, but have a way of really getting out of hand. We feel things that can cripple us, break us, seclude us.

Feelings like:

So how do we respond to our feelings and emotions? What do we have to do to find direction? What should we do to begin to experience Joy? How can we begin to live in: PEACE
Listen to: Week 1- Anxiety

Tell Me More: Week 1- Anxiety May 1st, 2019
Van Riggins

Listen to: Week 2- Doubt

Tell Me More: Week 2- Doubt May 8th, 2019
Van Riggins

Listen to: Week 3- Depression

Tell Me More: Week 3- Depression May 15th, 2019
Van Riggins

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