Have you ever thought about how confusing certain words are that we use every day? Words like affect and effect. Lose and loose. Farther and further. 
What about our most common phrases? Like it’s raining cats and dogs, or
cat got your tongue, or barking up the wrong tree.

et’s face it words and phrases can be confusing, especially when we look at certain words and phrases used in the Bible. What is the Body of Christ? What does it mean to be Born Again? or why is fearing God or being convicted a good thing? Well let’s take a second and define the difficult words and phrases that have the potential to change our worlds and faith.

Phraseology Week 4

Fear of God

Van Riggins



Phraseology Week 3

Born Again

Van Riggins



Phraseology Week 2


Van Riggins



Phraseology Week 1

The Body of Christ

Van Riggins



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