We’re all living for something. We want and desire many things like: popularity, fame, friends, a boyfriend, girlfriend, riches, good grades, to be on that team, get that job. Whatever we desire we usually think will give us life, but what if life was meant for more than these things? What if Real Life was found in something more?
Listen to: Week 1- Satisfaction

Real Life: Week 1- Satisfaction February 20th, 2019
Dylan Boyle

Listen to: Week 2- Self

Real Life: Week 2- Self February 27th, 2019
Amanda Migilaccio

Listen to: Week 3- Security

Real Life: Week 3- Security March 6th, 2019
Austin Wilson

Listen to: Week 4- Suffering

Real Life: Week 4- Suffering March 13th, 2019
Breanna Drew

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